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1120 Hickory Lane
Tunica, MS, 38676, USA
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Inn History

This Colonial Revival home was begun in 1904 by Captain J.W. Henderson, who served as a Captain in the Spanish-American War. He was a lawyer in Tunica and also served in the state legislature. He had served as Superintendent of Schools and pushed for the building of the High School in 1914. He was married and had one adopted daughter.

John W. Henderson of the Spanish-American War, owner of Columns of TunicaWhen the depression came along, he lost the house about 1930 and it was taken over by Planter's Bank. Sometime during this time, his wife died. Planters Bank took the home and made it into at least four apartments which were occupied by employees of the bank.

In 1947, Mrs. Ethel Leatherman-Andrews, mother of Richard and Billy Leatherman of Robinsonville, bought the home and her intentions were to remodel the home, but unfortunately she died before the work was done. In 1948, Bob I. Mangum bought the house, remodeled it, and lived there with his wife, Josephine Craig (from Como , MS) and his three sons, Bob Jr., Craig and Gayle. Mr. Mangum actually did not live long in the house before he died in 1949. His wife, Josephine, remained in the house until her death. Their son, Bob Jr., and his wife Maggie took over the house and they had three children, Bobby, Frances and Ben. Maggie died with cancer and Bob Mangum then married Aimee.

In 199-, Bob and Aimee sold the house to Davis Owen. He and his wife, Christian, and baby, Davis, Jr., were living in the house when the fire occurred on October 19, 1997. The fire started in the attic and completely burned the third floor attic space and roof. At one point over 3000 gallons of water per minute were pumped on the fire. Ten men worked a total of 9 hours fighting the blaze. The Tunica Volunteer Fire Department did an amazing job of saving the house.

It sat vacant and uncovered for about two years until Bobby Lee Windham bought the house in 1999 with the intent of restoring it. He had the roof and attic rebuilt and then put the house up for sale in 2001. Charles and Gloria bought the house on December 28, 2001 and spend several months planning for the renovation. Work was begun in August of 2002 by Antebellum Restoration & Construction from Whiteville, Tennessee. The wiring, plumbing, heat and air conditioning, bathrooms, insulation, and wall board have been completely replaced. Extensive leveling work was required and all termite damage and water damage was repaired. They were shocked over the lack of fire damage on the first and second floors. The only explanation is that the house was so well constructed in the first place. Most of the windows and doors are original and the original oak and heart pine floors were stripped and refinished. The original staircase remains, with its hand-twisted mahogany railing.  The sunroom where we now serve breakfast was probably added in 1918.
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